Still Spirits Air Still

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

New Still Spirits “Turbo Air Still” also known as the “Water Purifier” Distillation Device

The Still Spirits Turbo Air Still system is a revolutionary still which has been made to sit at home or in the office amongst your everyday¬† kitchen appliances. It’s similar to a kettle or coffee percolator, functions similar to a kettle but makes gorgeous alcoholic beverages instead. This device demands no technical know-how and it is user friendly, producing enough alcohol to make a 1 litre bottle 40% in a couple of hours, requiring no effort as it works.

This device is air flow cooled, so that it doesn’t need a waterflow for cooling, that is perfect for areas which can be going through water shortages, or in areas where you don’t have or want access to water, this means that it is a very simplied but systematic system.

To get going all you need is the air still production pack, these packs have been specifically designed for the air still, producing 1/10th of the impurities in the initial fermentation, resulting in significantly higher quality spirit.

INSTRUCTIONAL DIY GUIDES” to see how easy it is

Price of final product

This may vary depending on what you’re making with regards to whiskey, brandy, bourbon or liqueurs, also the actual varying qualities available. But working on the highest quality and many suggested blend of ingredients you are looking at roughly $10 per the bottle which is comparable to a sixty dollars which is of triple distilled commercial grade bought from your every day spirits retailer. Higher and low alcoholic beverage quality levels can be achieved, as there’s the sliding range quality for quantity depending on the ingredients used.

This particular figure has been fully aggravated to consider every aspect for cleaning, aging, distilling and mixing of your drinks.

Cost of procedure

The machine runs on a 320w element, but with different ingredients, its operation period will vary but between 2 hours often is the common guideline for a complete operation. At $0.13 kilo watt hour, the machines costs¬† are trivial, below ten cents energy consumption to operate, in addition, it doesn’t require a discharge such as other stills. These prices will be different depending on area and current power prices

The unit is sold indivudally aswell as packages

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still System

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still System 30L fermenter upgrade (allows to use the 6kg production packs)

Take note: Products quality is definitely controlled through five significant components;

That in certain countries alcohol distillation may be unlawful and you may need a license. Ask for advice or contact your local Customs & Excise Department. Please note it is illegal to utilize these types of models in Australia to product alcoholic beverages for consumption without license from Australian Customs & Excise Department

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